The  Community Corrections Association of Georgia is committed to providing professional and ethical service to the Georgia Courts, communities they serve, and to the offenders placed on probation by the courts.  The purpose of the Association is to ensure that uniform  professional and contract standards are practiced and maintained by private corporations, enterprises and entities engaged in rendering general misdemeanor probation supervision, counseling and collection  services to the courts.

Ethical Responsibility to Our Clients

  • We do not practice or condone and form of discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex, age, religion, national origin, mental or physical handicap, or any  other preference of personal characteristic, condition, or status.
  • We serve our clients  with the maximum application of Professional skill, competence and dedication to help them assume responsibilities for themselves.
  • Exploitation of relationships with clients will not be condoned.
  • We uphold clients'  rights to a relationship of mutual trust, privacy and confidentiality and to responsible use of information.
  • Adherence to standards essential to the health and safety, as well as to the well-being of clients, is fundamental to the quality of life and will be a primary concern.
  • We will assist clients to achieve self-fulfillment and maximum potential within the limits of the equal rights of others and the client's legitimate desires and interests.
  • Towards those whose behavior is unacceptable, we will determine our course between empathy and allowing the client the freedom to take responsibility for his actions.
  • Our goal is to provide clients with the opportunity for change and self-regulation and the achievement of their maximum potential. With  integrity and responsible service provided to the Courts and contractors, we recognize our responsibility to the clients without disregarding our responsibility to the community. 

Our goal is to  assist in the rehabilitation of each and every client and help them  return to their communities as productive citizens.

Please contact us for more information about  probation misdemeanor, our association, or about any of our  members

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